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Video Production Rate Card E&OE

The following rates should be used as a guide only - every job is different with its own unique requirements in crewing and equipment, which we're always happy to go through in more detail.

However, we know that sometimes you just HAVE to have a ballpark figure, in which case the figures below will help you plan your budget.

Rates are exclusive of VAT, travel and any other expenses.

picture of an interior shoot

Quick Links to Ratecard items below:

picture of cameraman holding cue card

Location Filming

Lighting Cameraman with full shooting kit and basic sound and lights, 10 hours base-to-base - rate varies according to camera.
Add £200pd for dedicated sound operator & kit.

Broadcast Hi-Definition Cameras (inc. cameraperson)
Camera 1/2 day day week
XDCam - Sony n/a 500 2200
HDV - Sony Z7 250 375 1600

Broadcast Standard Definition Cameras (inc. cameraperson)
Camera 1/2 day day week
DigiBeta 4:3 / 16:9 n/a 500 2200
DVCPro 4:3 / 16:9 n/a 425 1950
DVCam 4:3 / 16:9 n/a 375 1600

Mini-DV Camera (inc. cameraperson)
  1/2 day day week
3-Chip Mini-DV camera 200 295 1400

SteadyCam - Suitable for HDV & XL1 - Add to above Rates
  1/2 day day week
Add... n/a 100 350


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picture of film lights on stands


Lighting Hire
  day week
RedHead kit
(3 x 800w heads + stands)
25 90

Blondes kit
(2 x 2000w heads + stands)

25 90


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picture of edit suite with large monitor and gorgeous good-looking hunk of an editor

Post Production:
Video Editing Suites

VIDEO EDIT either in one of our three state-of-the-art multi-format Grass Valley Edius Broadcast Edit Suites or in our Edius "Storm" compositing suite, with giant wall monitoring and stereoscopic 3D editing cabability.

All edit suites share a common media storage hub, allowing them to work on the same project simultaneously if necessary. Six-channel audio enables creation of Dolby 5.1 soundtracks for DVDs.

Rates include DV player/recorder. Caption Camera and Caption Generator available if required.


Grass Valley "Edius Broadcast" Edit Suites -
High Definition & Standard Definition
  hour day week min time
with Editor
55 400 1800 2 hrs
without Editor
25 175 750 2 hrs

Grass Valley "Edius Storm" Edit Suites -
HD & SD with stereoscopic 3D editing
  hour day week min time
Edius Storm
with Editor
60 450 2000 2 hrs
Edius Storm
without Editor
30 225 900 2 hrs



Post Production:
Mobile Video Editing on location

We can film your live event or conference and edit overnight for you to show the next day.

Grass Valley "Edius Broadcast" Edit System on a PC i7 laptop
  1/2 day day week min
With Editor
on location at your event
225 325 1350 1/2 day

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picture of microphone

Post Production:
Audio Dubbing/Mixing/Voice-Overs

AUDIO EDIT, TRACKLAY & DUB with 100th/second accuracy on our SADIE system with Cedar D-Noise (PC-based)

SADIE Digital Audio Editor with Cedar D-Noise - Edit, Tracklay and Mix
  hour day week min time
SADIE inc. editor 45 320 1500 2 hrs
SADIE exc. editor 20 140 650 2 hrs
Voice-Over Booth 10 70 n/a 2 hrs


Foreign language translations, voice overs and versioning available on request.

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frame from 3d animated graphic

2D & 3D Graphics
Title Sequences / Animation / Maps, etc.

Graphic Designer / Artist / Animator + workstation
  hour day week min
2D Design + Artwork 35 250 1100 2 hrs
3D Modelling (CGI)
with Maya / 3dsMax / After Effects / Lightwave / Cinema 4D
45 300 1250 2 hrs


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picture of dvd authoring screenshots

Blu-Ray / DVD / CD Authoring

Rates inc Project Planning, menu structuring, media preparation and proofing.

  hour day week min time
Blu-Ray Authoring 45 375 1300 4 hrs
DVD Authoring 39 300 1225 2 hrs
CD Authoring 35 260 1000 2 hrs
One-off DVD-Rs for replication £40 from authoring


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picture for video encoding for web and dvd

Video Encoding
for Web, Disc & Digital Archive

Converting video to digital file format for Blu-Ray Disc, DVD or CD-ROM, or for use on the web, i.e. YouTube or your website.

If you want to brush up on what encoding involves, there's a good explanation here:
(will open in a new page)

Digital Video Encoding
  initial project
per minute
of video
WindowsMedia / Quicktime / Flash / Real
- for web & email
40 1.50
- for Blu-Ray
40 3.50
- for DVD - high quality Variable Bit Rate
40 1.90
- for CD-ROM
25 1.50
Mobile Phone Video Encoding on request
Video Archiving to Hard Drive


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picture of lots of dvds discs

DVD Copying
(aka DVD Duplication / DVD Replication)

Blah Blah Blah
(Inc. jewel case, exc. labelling???)

DVD Duplication
  1-9 10-49 50-99 100+
4.7 Gb DVD : Single Layer 3.50 3.25 3.00 2.75
Double-Layer 5.50 5.10 4.70 call


DVD Replication
  50-99 100-499 500-999 1000+
Setup Inc Glass Master on request
4.7 Gb DVD : Single Layer call call call call
Double-Layer call call call call


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usb flash drives shaped like food and drink usb flash drives- traditional shapes usb_flash_drive in shape of teddy bear

USB Flash Drives
(USB Duplication / USB Replication)

Traditional formats branded with your logo, or custom shapes to stand out from the crowd.

Prices change on an almost daily basis, so please call us for the latest information and to discuss your project.

USB Duplication
  1-9 10-49 50-99 100+
256/512 Mb, 1/2/4 Gb call call call call


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Satellite Broadcasting

For more details about our satellite broadcasting facility click here...

Call us for advice and a quote tailored to your needs.


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