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Don't Panic!

No matter how desperate your deadline, we're ideally equipped to cope with that last-minute rush edit job.

Good or Quick?

That's no longer the classic trade-off, because those interminable waits while your visual effects render (...and render and render...) are a thing of the past at Create Media.

All our edit systems are capable of real-time playback of effects, saving you hours of waiting and frustration.

Latest Video Editing Technology

We use what must be the industry's best-kept secret - the Grass Valley "Edius" edit system, rated by many as faster, better and more flexible than industry-leading names like Avid and Final Cut. We fell in love with it so much we're now an official Grass Valley Edius reseller.

Call us on 01420-561144 to arrange a demo and try it for yourself.

Turbo Triple Trouble-buster

No, not a drain cleaner - just a mild little statement that we can edit at triple-speed by working on your job simultaneously in three suites.

We're able to do this because our edit suites are all linked
to one central server/media store. So your source
material is accessible to all suites at the same
time, so that up to three editors at once can
work on your project.


* Update *

Make that four - with our new "Edius Storm 3G" suite!