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Satellite Broadcasting


video conferenceWhat is it?
It's a cost-effective way for a company to communicate regularly with staff anywhere in Europe, efficiently and entertainingly keeping everyone abreast of company activities and policies, and even enabling the standardisation of training programmes across multiple sites.

How does it work?
The system operates by broadcasting digital TV of DVD quality in real-time, via a satellite uplink.


Can't I do this on the Internet?
To a degree, yes, but high quality TV and audio in real time is still not universally available via the Internet. Many remote outlets do not yet have broadband connectivity availability, due to the restrictions of the telephone service provider. And if, for example, just 5 people are watching YouTube over a company's Intranet, there may be little capacity left to handle business data.

Ok so how can we do it then?
You create your own regular business television program either in our studio, or at your own location, or even directly from the boardroom. At each of your outlets, we install a satellite receiver and small dish, feeding a computerised digital video server.

So what can it do?
The server can be pre-loaded with whatever programming you might regularly need, such as health and safety information videos, or staff induction training material. It will also receive your broadcast corporate programmes, which it will display on an attached TV screen, and record for later multiple viewings.

What type of communication can we make to staff?
Product introductions and news, sales campaigns, best business practices, company information and staff achievement are typical topics within a broadcast.

A programme could for example, open with staff response emails from the previous broadcast, leading to discussion with product or project managers. It could then launch into the latest corporate or management information, a roundup of staff suggestions, and finish with up to the moment instant email responses. A live broadcast can contain pre-recorded information that you could make yourself, or that we can produce for you.

The system can also keep your training officer informed by automated email as staff complete training modules - an excellent solution to all IIP (Investor In People) concerns.

This is all sounding expensive isn't it?
Well no, especially in retail installations where system payback can be quite rapidly achieved. The digital video servers are multi-channel so they are able to play out product promotions and commercial advertising into the retail area of a store. The adverts are logged and the confirmed playlist is emailed to your HQ, and the advertiser is billed appropriately. Using this method the servers can pay for themselves many times over.

Also, consider how expensive and even embarrassing it can be for staff not following the company ethos and possibly compromising the business because they are not fully informed. By watching your programmes, your staff can be reached on an emotional level not possible with documents and manuals. Excluding the programme production costs, an uplink to anywhere in Europe can cost as little as £4,000.

So what do we do next?
Contact us and we will be pleased to talk you through this
exciting and innovative service. We will quote for installation
of all the hardware, software and pre-requested material
required in your outlets, and for the production and
broadcasting of programme material.

For more information on any of our services, please call
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